Through the 2-way Mirror Glass

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So this is a project I have been meaning to do for a while. The idea is to have people photographed through a two-way mirror. This means that they are able to seem themselves as they are getting their picture taken. In practice, this is a somewhat uncomfortable experience, but also somewhat telling.

In the images below, people are reacting to seeing themselves in the mirror.

Thanks so much to all the people that agreed to be in these images!

If you see yourself in these images, they are on facebook here.

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Planned Parenthood Portraits


Seems I stumbled upon some activism last night…

I was shooting party photos at the Vantage Point release party when I was approached to take a few portraits for a Planned Parenthood campaign. I can’t claim to be very informed, but from what I understand it is a good cause.

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‘Snow+Boredom=’ or ‘How to Jump off a Roof’

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There are only so many things you can do with so much snow; snowboarding, snowball fighting, igloo building…Beyond that there isn’t much else.  My good friend Colin (pictured) is creative to say the least.
Be sure to enlarge  the top photo to check the game face.
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