A Yearbook Unlike Any Other

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A few weeks ago I journeyed to New Orelans, home of my friend, rapper and producer, G-Eazy.  The reason for my trip (other than drinking incredible coffee) was to shoot album art for G’s latest release “The Endless Summer.”  You might remember the images I made for his album “The Outsider” from this post.

We wanted to do something different for his album, so I came up with the idea to make a sort of yearbook that featured girls representing songs on the album.  I would tell you which songs go to which girl, but that would ruin the fun!  Because the samples used in the production of the songs had a vintage feel, the yearbook took on a very similar vibe, mimicking yearbook photos and typography from the 50s. Be sure to check my cameo on page 7.

Check the Yearbook out Here

The design was done by the multi-talented G-Eazy (Gerald Gillum in the Credits).

Be sure to download the album and see the video single here.   I lent some of my grip skills to the video, directed by Tyler Yee (@tyleryee), who is great at what he does.

Big thanks to G (@G_Eazy) Devon (@DevTheGirl) and Matt (@2Mattyb) for having me down!

Portraits and a Church Service

Mobile Studio, Portraits, Video

I am working on a documentary.  One that I am not yet at liberty to talk about at length.  What I will say is that I will working on the cinematic side of things, while also doing still photos.  These are three portraits that I took during our most recent day of filming as well as a few images from a church service we filmed.

As things materialize with the documentary I will let you know.  Sorry to be so mysterious!

More photos after the jump!

In other news, my new site is up.  In case you hadn’t already seen it: BobbyBruderle.com