Behind the Scenes: Capitol File

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Bobby Bruderle, Behind the Scenes: Capitol File from bobby b on Vimeo.

Recently I had the pleasure of shooting some of D.C.’s most influential artists for Capitol File magazine.  This was a fairly large shoot, with many subjects and lots of support from a great team of hair stylists, makeup artists, and assistants.  Above is a short video my friend, and sometimes assistant Mike Nelson put together.

See the final images and tear sheets after the jump.

A Cover and a 20 Page Spread!

Shameless Self Promotion


Over the past few months I have been shooting a big feature for Edible DC.  The magazine is food focused, but the feature I was working on was more about the people behind the food.  All told, I shot portraits of 17 people.

It was a lot of work, but I had a huge amount of fun meeting all of my subjects.  Now I feel a bit more apart of the food world in D.C.  Big thanks to everyone that helped me make these photos!

Be sure to pick up a copy.  They are free and distributed all over D.C., Maryland, and VA.


By Me, About Me

Shameless Self Promotion

Since my last post, a lot has happened. I traveled around the world (literally) and worked as a Director of Photography on a number of commercials and music videos. A large batch of photos is on the way.

Before I left for my trip I was asked to write an article for Elan, a local arts magazine. I was supposed to write about my process, and portraiture in general. Below is the full text from the article. Enjoy!

He was a cocaine dealer by trade, but he had begun to pursue music in the wake of a recent trial, the outcome of which could mean eight years in federal prison. He was sitting on a bench, the seat barely made it above the waterline, and his feet were in the frigid water.

I had met Zaire the day before and had my trepidations about spending time one-on-one