INTRODUCING: The QR Location Project!

QR Location Project

Without further Adieu, I present to you the QR Location Project! Long name to be sure, but the concept is fairly simple.

Proactively and retroactively stickers like the one you see below will be placed at the exact location I take photos. On the stickers is a hand written number that corresponds to a series of photos that you can see here on IsntABlog. What this will allow you to do is see the photos taken exactly where you are standing using your smart phone and QR code scanning app.

Why this is awesome:

-If you see a sticker, you can see the photos that were taken exactly where you are standing.

-You can try to hunt down stickers once they are placed using google maps.

-You can participate by putting stickers at the reported locations.

I am extremely excited about this project and I really encourage everyone to get involved. Please browse through the posts in the QR Location Project category (Right underneath the twitter feed), and see if there is a location near you that needs tagging.

Please check out the QR Location Project tab above for more information and a very important disclaimer.