The Occupation gets Serious

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Yesterday was a turning point for the Occupy DC movement. It was the first large scale police intervention at the camp, and the first time the police tore down a structure.

I was lucky enough to get downtown in time to see the action. Watching the last protestors hold onto the structure was incredible as it was sad to see the structure torn down.

I don’t think this will be enough to slow down the Occupiers.

You can see the Washington Post story on the event here.

Occupy Halloween

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I have always been fascinated by halloween. Some of you may remember a series I did this time last year on Halloween.

I wanted to see how the people of the Occupy movement were celebrating. Surpassingly, most protestors were not in costume. But as one occupier pointed out, “Most of us are in costume every day!”

You can see more Occupy DC portraits here.


Faces of the Occupation, Part 1 of ?

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I spent this past Saturday night in McPherson Square, Washington, DC. Like New York and so many other cities around the world, DC is being ‘Occupied.’ What ties the protests together is a general feeling of discontent, and a feeling that these protests could be the force that spurs change. I must admit, after spending the better part of a night with these dedicated people, I am inclined to believe that change is coming.

This post is the first of what I expect to be a series of posts. I intend to go back.

Be sure to check the cut lines, some of my subjects had quite interesting stories.

A protestor  rolls up his flag around a homemade flagpole.In an effort to reduce waste, this protestor purchased a porcelain plate.Chris Townsend, Political Action Director of United Electrical , Radio & Machine Workers of America (UE) was on hand to lend support.Michael Patterson, an Iraqi War Vet, was recently removed by police while protesting at the Rayburn building. (Story)This protester, who is only 16, had the blessing of his parents.  He admits they worry about him. Having just arrived from North Carolina, this protestor intended to stay for the duration.