A Year in Six Pages

Personal, Shameless Self Promotion

Well, here it is; the accumulation of nearly a year of shooting.

This assignment, shot for Vermont Quarterly, was a year long gig photographing my own life as a senior at the University of Vermont. I must admit, it was not an easy job. Having yourself as a subject may seem easy, but believe me, it is no small task. Photographing every day type stuff to try and make it interesting for an audience was frustrating at times, but was overall very eye opening. Seeing it all in print is as nostalgic as it is surreal.

Big thanks to Elise Whittmore-Hill (Art Director) for letting me have so much creative freedom, and Tom Weaver (Editor) for letting this happen and for writing such a flattering article.

Also, if you let me put a camera in your face in the last year or so, I really appreciate the patience!

For those of you who do not get Vermont Quarterly and would like to read the article, head over to the online version.

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