Some Shred


It seems like the last two days I have done nothing but drive around, scout a rail, and get kicked out. Last night I got lucky and was able to get some shots on a rail near the waterfront. Connor Gaeta, the talented skier you see in the rail photos, was able to get some footage (shot by Peter Donaghy and myself) before we were eventually booted by some very courteous 5-0. This was at 2 in the morning. Four hours later, we were all up again for a trip to Sugarbush for a super special ramp session put together by HG Skis. Unfortunately, our bad luck continued and one of the riders sustained a concussion less then an hour into the session, cutting it short.

The poorly composed photo with Connor in the far left of the frame, was taken .002 seconds before he almost ran me over.

I promise more (and better) shots in the near future. Stay tuned!

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