The Big Boat Trip


Well it seems that my parents are retiring.  Not long ago they bought some land in Elizabeth City with the intention of building a house to retire in.  Instead of starting to build, they decided to fulfill their lifelong dream of buying a sailboat.

The boat they bought was in a port 100 miles south of E-City and it needed to be moved.  Not sure why this move had to happen last week(one of the coldest in NC’s history), but it did.  My parents brought me along for the 3 days of boating, ice breaking, and grill cheese cooking.  I must admit, I may have fallen in love (with sailing).
I broke the days into separate posts.  Enjoy the photos!
(Above is yours truly at the helm)
photo credit: Peter Bruderle AKA Dadly

For Easy Browsing:  (Day 1&2) (Day 3) (Day 4)

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