Black Friday

Street Photography

Last year around this time I woke up at 3:30 in the AM to take pictures of people shopping on black friday. I started out at Best Buy, expecting a stampede. After an uneventful door opening I headed over to a store that starts with a W and ends with a Lmart. After navigating a maze of crowd control barriers, I found myself looking at what could only be described as mayhem–in the form of unbridled bargain hunting.

After shooting for a few hours I started to feel quite claustrophobic. As I was leaving the store, three managers stopped me and insisted I tell them what I was doing. They wanted to see the photos I had on my camera and wanted me to delete everything. According to the managers, Walmart has a strict no photography policy, something I certainly cannot blame them for. I explained that I was taking photos of things I wanted for Christmas to show my parents. The trio didn’t seem to believe me, but they let me go.

I hope your black friday looked nothing like this.

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