Trash Talk


Sorry for being such a bum recently, but I think I can make it up to you with these photos.

Last night I was at a concert in Baltimore at the Charm City Art Space. I have shot many, many shows, but this one was by far one of the most intense.

Some of my good friends are into hardcore music. If you are not familiar, hardcore is a genre of music that is, well, hardcore. It involves a lot of screaming, and the live shows involve a lot of “crowd participation” in the form of moshing. I have been in mosh pits before, but what I saw last night was one of the more dangerous looking displays of music induced flailing.

The lead singer of the headline band, Trash Talk, either really liked getting his picture taken, or completely hated it. He jumped directly on top of me three separate times over the course of the set. It was literally a miracle that I didn’t break my camera(or face). Regardless, I had an incredible time. Thanks to Trash Talk for putting on such an incredible show.

Enjoy the photos, I nearly got destroyed taking them.

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