Grand Canary (English Version)


Over spring break I was able to spend five days in the Canary Islands and the weekend in Italy. I think the two trips deserve their own respective posts.

My friends and I stayed in a part of the Canary Islands called ‘Playa del Ingles.’ You don’t need to know much Spanish to guess that this translates to ‘English Beach.’ Almost all of Playa del Ingles is a cheap knock off of something that is either European or American. What this equated to was more Irish Pubs then authentic Spanish restaurants and a lot of 70s architecture. A very surreal scene to find on a spanish island.

Strangely, the sun did not shine for more then a few hours on our side of the Island, but this removed the ever-present danger of sun burn.

To cynically sum up my Canary experience; I got no tan and no culture.

Complaining aside, Erik, Steve, Dean, Wayne, John and I managed to have a lot of fun. And I took a lot of photos.

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