QR Location Project

So you just scanned a code with your cell phone…What now?  Using the hand written series number on the sticker, select one of the corresponding links below to see the photos that were taken right were you are standing!

About the QR Location Project

A large component of many photographs is the location where they were taken.  The purpose of this project is to enable users to connect with the exact location of an image’s creation, through the use of smartphones and QR code technology.

The location project is crowd sourced and location based.  As such, the success of the project depends on people helping out and accurate sticker placement.  If you scan a sticker that does not work or with an incorrect series number, please let me know.
To get involved, simply browse through the posts tagged QR Location Project (QRLP for short) and see if there are any series locations near you.  If yes, send me an email BobbyBruderle(at)Gmail(dot)com and I will send you some pre-labeled stickers.  Its that easy!

I do not condone the illegal placement of these stickers.  Please, if want to put up a sticker, ask permission.  Placement without permission could be considered vandalism.

Do not request stickers unless you intend to place them at the appropriate location.  This project relies on the accuracy of the placement, so please, ask permission, and put the stickers where they belong.